Artists Reviews 2014


Review from his exhibition at MCAM Gallery in Barcelona from November 27, 2014  to January 8, 2015. 

Editor: Marina Escobar
Barcelona, December 4, 2014

Pictorial Mutation

by Marina Escobar

The artist Lazaro Ferré exhibits his 22 prints and plates, inspired by street art style, at the gallery María Costafreda Art Management (MCAM). An ensemble that aspires to be a whole reflection on individual memory. The exhibit, "Presències discontinues" can be visited until January 8th.

White walls matching with a white ceiling. Flat colour of a gallery, inert, light and in the middle of so much white, a labyrinth of colours: the prints by the artist Lazaro Ferré.

His work is an enigma. A metaphor in spiral that conforms his small format prints. They are reliefs trapped in the middle of a monochromatic immensity from the walls in the gallery María Costafreda Art Management, that welcomes his exhibit Presències discontinues.

We stand before the new production of a changed artist: a Ferré immersed in a great pictorial mutation.

The heart attack he suffered in 2012 brought him to rethink his style, to decide to evolve: "I have worked with all kinds of artistic disciplines and now my work feeds from street art", Ferré specifies.

Influences that are perceived in this exhibit that gathers an ensemble of 22 prints accompanied with some of the metal plates with which they were elaborated. A creative process that the artist shares with professionals of the ink technique. "An inker is in charge of giving the inked finish to the templates that I myself create", he explains. The result is a work that seeks to be a reflection on human memory, a sort of linear path and complete visual poetry. "Memory that is created, decomposed, composed and played with",  state the first sentences of his visual trajectory.

Lázaro Ferré, known for having exhibited some of his works in important art galleries such as the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid, explains that Presències discontinues is about an illusory world. A branching of thought, of the conception of being, and above all a selection. Just how it happens with memory itself: only the transcendental remains.